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Imperial Pacific Ale 7%

We brewed a beer with our mates from Revel Brewing, Bulimba! Like us, they’re 100% Independent and we’re stoked to bring you this Imperial Pacific Ale.

It’s a big, punchy Galaxy bomb! A salute to the popular Australian style pale ale, with fragrant passionfruit and citrus notes.
Fun fact, Matt and Renn are brewing mates from way back in the day and have previously made a beer together back when Renn was the Head Brewer at True South and Matt was the Head Brewery at Odyssey.

Come on down to our tap rooms to give this one a crack as it is Tap Only, or stay tuned for when it launches in Bulimba.

Tap Room Locations. Available from Friday 8th July:

  • Blackman’s Brewery, Torquay
  • Blackman’s Brewery, Ocean Grove
  • Blackman’s Brewery, Geelong
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