Sri Lankan Pop Up Nights


Introducing our newest BEER SERIES….


It’s our Double Hop Release, in BIG cans and we can’t wait to share this with you!!!!

We are brewing a series of 3 x Double Hop IPA’s, showcasing two hop varieties in each beer.

We’ll brew an absolutely cracking base IPA, then showcase 2 hop varieties in each beer so that you can taste, smell and see how the different hop varieties creating banging flavours in each release. It’s like beer school in a can.

Our first release…

Just Another IPA
Citra + Motueka
Available here: JUST ANOTHER IPA – AVAILABLE NOW! – Blackman’s Brewery (

The second is landing very soon:

Just Another IPA
Simcoe + Topaz
And it’s landing this month in July.
We bought you our single hop series, so now it’s time to go BIGGER!!!

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