Who will be the ULTIMATE champion???

Get ready for the ultimate trilogy of epic showdowns! Brace yourselves as we embark on a journey through the realms of strategy, luck, and sheer determination in our three-event series!

🏗️ Event 1: Jenga – Test your finesse as we stack, teeter, and topple our way to victory in a battle of precision and balance! Winner number 1 will be crowned…

🃏 Event 2: Uno – Strategy or pure luck? Prepare for chaos as we unleash the colourful cards of fate! Winner number 2 will be crowned…

✊✋✌️ Event 3: Rock, Paper, Scissors – It all comes down to this! Channel your inner warrior and face off in the ultimate duel of wits and spontaneity! Winner number 3 will be crowned….

Who snatched the most points over the 3 events…? Only then we crown the Ultimate Beer Games champion! Boast eternal glory and crisp high-5s from the staff.

Join us for laughs, thrills, and the chance to claim bragging rights as the reigning champion of our legendary trilogy! Let the games begin! 🏆

Register you and your crew now!

The Beer Games
JENGA – Thursday 9 June
UNO – Thursday 7 July
ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS – Thursday 11 August
Blackman’s Geelong
29/8 Lewalan St, Grovedale

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