Run out of meal prep? Blackman’s Brewery is doing FREE Delivery for lunch in Torquay, Torquay North and Jan Juc.
PLUS, you get a free 4 pack with every order over $120! So Grab an awesome lunch for yourself, or for the work crew delivered straight to you by one of our Blackman’s legends.

Our menu features not only our awesome winter menu, but lunch tortas, meal combos and deals. Plus, of course, beer!

Check out what we’ve got on our online menu, and make a pre order, or order before 1:30. Lunch done!

Blackman’s Torquay Online Menu

For your info:
– Free delivery available Monday, Thursday & Friday lunch: 12-2:30pm
– Delivery to Torquay, Torquay North and Jan Juc
– Free delivery on orders over $50
– $5 delivery fee on orders under $50

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