Juicy Juicy Bang Bang Double IPA

Juicy Juicy Bang Bang Double IPA

Get set for the return of JUICY JUICY BANG BANG IPL. The beer that we still get asked about allllllllll the time, the People’s Choice & Gold Medal winner at the 2018 Indie Awards.

A few weeks ago, our legendary Beer Guy Luke put a plan into motion. If he pre-sold a batch of Juicy Juicy Bang Bang IPL, we’d brew it. And that he DID!!!

Reintroducing JJBB…

It’s our Juicy Banger on steroids and in 500ml tins. Launching on Friday 20th March at:

  • Indie Beer Showcase, Fed Square Melb: https://indiebeershowcase.com.au/
  • Blackman’s Brewery, Torquay
  • The good Beer Bar, Geelong
  • Blackman’s Brewery and Burger Bar, Ocean Grove


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